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Receptive Language Developmental Milestones help measure the understanding of language, age appropriately.



12 months

Recognize the names of simple, common objects, familiar people, and action verbs.

18 months

Understand new words each week, identify pictures in a book, know a few major body parts, and identify some common objects.

2 years

Recognize many common objects and pictures when named. They should also be able to follow several simple directions.

3 years

Listen to simple stories, follow two steps command, and understand the concept of taking turns.

4 years

Correctly identify colors, understand "more" and "most", and make inferences.

5 years

Understand time concepts, understand qualitative concepts, and understand "-er" as "one who does something".

6 years

Understand passive voice tense, identify objects that don't belong, and be able to order pictures from largest to smallest.

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