Geriatric Communication
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Communicate To Educate:

My vision is your vision. Each day counts to reach your goal. A skilled action plan and effective practice is consistently nurtured to actively involve the client and team.

Communicate To Educate is committed to providing the highest quality of services in improving listening, speaking, thinking, reading, and writing skills. Research based practice and effective meaningful strategic techniques are used to maximize each individual’s communication, cognition, and education abilities in the community setting, education setting, and corporate setting. The mission is to continuously stay focused on the client’s goal to maximize abilities.
Maliha Khan is a Nationally and State of Florida licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She was awarded her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Speech Communication from the University of Central Florida. She was also awarded her Masters of Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

She values continuous learning and seeks researched based trainings for her clients of all ages and settings.

Services are provided in natural settings such as: community buildings, schools ( Elementary to Highschool), home, business office and corporations.
Has been recognized by the Amerian Speech and Hearing Association as making a personal effort in going above and beyond in professional learning.
To my Clients:
"Opportunities Come on Time! The more we learn, the more we can trust. The more we understand, the more we can appreciate. The more we complete our
goals, the more we awaken our inner strength. The more we experience our strength, the more confident we get. The more confident we get, the more we
experience opportunities." - Maliha Khan.

Payment Options

Currently accepts private pay, medicare, medicaid and select insurance plans. Please contact us to inquire about acceptance of specific insurance plans or programs
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