Geriatric Communication

What is Stuttering?

Stuttering is a communication disorder in which the normal flow of spech is disrupted with repetition, prolongation, and hesitations of sounds, syllables and words.
We service adults and children.
Some characteristic of disfluent speech of sounds and syllables are:
  • Broken repetitions (lo-lo-look)
  • Prolongations of sounds (lllllook)
  • Abnormal stopages ( no sound)
  • Addition of extra woks such as " um"
Non-Typical facial and body movement are associated with the effort to speak.
  • Rapid eye blinks
  • Facial Ticks
  • Upper body and facial tension and tightness
Emotional Response
  • Anxiety while communicating
How effective are treatments for stuttering?
Clinical evidence shows that individuals who stutter can benefit from speech therapy at any time in their life span to improve communication which affects a person's quality of life.
Services are provided in natural settings: community building, school, home, and business office.

Payment Options

Currently accepts private pay, medicare, medicade and select insurance plans. Please contact us to inquire about acceptance of specific insurance plans or programs
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